Federal Resources for Sustainable Rural Communities


External link: http://www.ssti.us/wp/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/federal_resources_rural.pdf

Publication date: October 1, 2012

Capsule summary: This guide highlights the federal resources that rural communities can utilize for protecting the environment, increasing economic competitiveness, and promoting the quality of life.

Author(s): Partnership for Sustainable Communities

Publisher(s): Partnership for Sustainable Communities

Definition: Financial strategies and techniques for transportation planning
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Definitions: Passenger transportation services
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Definitions: The movement of people
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Definition: A public agency that operates and maintains passenger transportation services
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Definition: A federally funded transportation policy-making organization, comprised of local government representatives and transportation authorities
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Definition: Governmental agency focused on transportation
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Description: The guidebook highlights the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Transportation, Environmental Protection Agency, and Department of Agriculture as four federal resources that can be utilized for rural communities’ benefit. The guide uses each agency to promote different methods for rural infrastructure planning and construction and other sustainable factors.

Objectives: The objective of this guide is to advise rural community and small-town transportation agencies on funding and technical assistance opportunities from federal resources. Each federal agency included provides a list of resources and descriptions that may be applied to improving rural communities across the nation.

Findings: The guidebook found numerous federal programs that can be utilized for enhancing rural communities, across the four federal agencies featured in the guidebook. Each of the programs includes a description that explains the logistics, the possible applications of each program, and a link to more program information.

Recommendations: This guidebook encourages rural communities across American to take advantage of the existing federal programs in place to improve the economy, environment, and quality of life for residents. The guidebook provides many options that may be coordinated and leveraged together to further advance rural communities’ goals.

Research Theme: Financial Strategies

Community Type: Rural

Transportation Mode: Personal, Transit

Planning Scope: Regional or Metro Area

Organization Type: City, County, DOT, MPO or RPO, Transit

Planning Subject: Development, Sustainable Development