On-line Tool for the Assessment of Sustainable Urban Transport Policies


External link: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2352146516302666

Publication date: April 18, 2016

Capsule summary: This research assess provides strategies for European cities to better manage transportation challenges.

Author(s): de Stasio, Claudia; Fiorello, Davide; Fermi, Francesca; Martino, Angelo; Hitchcock, Guy; Kollamthodi, Sujith

Publisher(s): Transportation Research Procedia

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Definition: A federally funded transportation policy-making organization, comprised of local government representatives and transportation authorities
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Description: As the challenges regarding urban mobility increase, an online tool is presented to evaluate potential policy changes. The tool assesses various solutions and aids with the development of an Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP), in an attempt to encourage the implementation of sustainable urban transportation policies. The development of an online tool will allow small and medium cities (especially in Europe) to critically assess their policies.

Objectives: This tool would allow small and medium sized communities, who might not otherwise access to such information, to test out different policy ideas. This means that not only would such cities be able to test the impacts of certain policies but they will also have quantitative measures to support national objectives. Ultimately, this tool will force transportation agencies to be intentional with their policy decisions.

Findings: In order to meet the targets regarding the environment set forth by the 2011 Transport White Paper all of the cities would need to comply with the environmental targets. Additionally, the researchers found that in order to make informed and intelligent decisions the availability of guidance and on-line tools was incredibly important. Thus, the researchers created this on-line tool based on a mathematical framework so that small and medium cities could make informed decisions on urban mobility policy.

Recommendations: The tool that was developed as a result of the research is best utilized to understand the impacts and costs of possible transportation policy. The tool is designed to work with a limited amount of data, so a large number of communities can still utilize it. It is important to note that while the tool can provide insight into a potential policy, it does not replace detailed transportation and land use models.

Research Theme:

Community Type: City, Medium City, Small City

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Organization Type: City, CoG, MPO or RPO

Planning Subject: Analysis, Evaluation and Assessment, Facility or Land Use, Forecasting, Planning Methods, Strategic Planning, Sustainable Transportation, Transportation Planning